Terry Boyarsky

Performing Musician & Teaching Artist

What others are saying . . .

Robert Spano, Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra – “I’ve witnessed and participated in Terry Boyarsky’s work in varied settings with diverse groups. I am consistently astounded at her ability to find in the moment a musical-physical-human expression of the reality of our relationships – to each other and to our selves. Her gift of insight, cultivated by her own rich background and experience, and her ability to communicate it, are extraordinary.”

Peter Witte, Dean of the Conservatory, University of the Pacific, Professor of Conducting – “I continue to marvel at your ease as a teacher, your good humor, and your crystalline authenticity. Your abilities to touch the core of an issue, to teach without talking, and to let ideas speak to us through our own observations and actions have been revelations. Your integrity is as immense as your smile is welcoming. Your combinations of warmth and rigor are captivating for students of all ages and abilities. In an age and even in a discipline that sometimes seems to divide head from heart, Dalcroze, as you offer it, integrates and even heals.”

Robert Martin, Conservatory Director, Bard College Conservatory – “The atmosphere that you created in the sessions was filled with energy, pleasure and good humor. Explanations were clear and activities were varied. There was a good balance of easy and challenging exercises. I was particularly impressed with the range of musical skills that were address. It was interesting to see the progression over the three sessions, as an increasingly broad range of skills were called into play.”

David Frego, Ph. D., Director, School of Music, Penn State  “Ms. Boyarsky has the unique ability to engage the audience/participants in a learning environment where a free dialogue of ideas can be exchanged. She is a direct person; a quality that one finds refreshing. She has the ability to welcome people into the learning environment and encourages them to express new and innovative ideas. Further, Ms. Boyarsky is dependable, caring, and a colleague to be valued and trusted.”

Karen Erikson, Executive Director of Creative Directions, Playwright, and Kennedy Center for the Arts Presenter – “Terry Boyarsky is an innovative and inspiring artist and arts educator. One of her specialties is bringing together diverse communities of people, immersing them in dynamic arts events where entire groups of people communicate through a process that combines music, lyrics and movement. She guides experienced and novice participants alike through a journey of inspiration to artistic creation.”

Robin Pease, Theatre Artist & Director of Kulture Kids – “Ms. Boyarsky led an incredible closing activity that included movement and music for a large group of participants. She taught us a beautiful song and guided us to create a music/dance/theatre piece that the entire group performed. It was a HAPPENING and one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had.”

American Dalcroze Journal – “My colleague, Terry Boyarsky, regularly presents at the national AOSA conferences. Among her many topics, Terry offers sessions on eurhythmics for the adult learner. Too often these teachers are focused on the pedagogy of music learning and have put the “feelingfulness” of the music behind them.  Consequently, many of these participants come away from Terry’s session feeling challenged and awakened by the experience. I have met many folks who have taken Terry’s session and then sought out more eurhythmics training. ” (David Frego, Ph.D., University of Texas, San Antonio)

Eliesha Nelson, Fulbright Scholar, grammy-award winning violist with Cleveland Orchestra – “Terry Boyarsky’s seminars are a creative way to explore one’s self through music and movement. Ms. Boyarsky is a sensitive teacher who has helped me open my mind and heart to discover my potential. I especially recommend her classes for musicians who would like new ways of experiencing rhythm and harmony.”

Debra Wuliger, Visual Artist – “Terry helped close the event with a music and dance program that included all of the participants. It was a rich time of learning and sharing . . . We only had a short time to plan but it was amazing how all our combined ideas quickly came together in a workable form . . . As much as I enjoyed participating, I envied the few who stood above us on the stairs and were able to see all the intertwined movement. It was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to be able to create a work of art with all the people we had worked with all week. It was definitely a highlight of the week.”

Bard College Conservatory student – “Ms. Boyarsky was extremely helpful in teaching this new technique and made it fun. She was VERY enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The best part of Dalcroze was the connection between rhythm and personal connection of the music. It helped me play complex rhythmic phrases more musically. I hope to have more opportunities to experience Dalcroze. It should be mandatory for everyone to take.”

VanderCook College Graduate Student – “I have admired your no-nonsense approach and been supportive of the environment you have insisted upon. As a result, we accomplished much as a group, bonding in ways of energy, rather than socializing.”

VanderCook College Graduate Student  “Throughout the week I was the student, mentally taking note of what brought me joy in the learning process so that I may in turn give the gift of “play” to my students.”

Ken Leventhal, Owner of Automotive Components Import Business – “Ms. Boyarsky’s “Movements in Spirit” classes have helped me to find a way to truly nourish myself. She has an incredible talent to make these “movements” truly sacred – an experience of real religion through dance. Everything becomes alive – as she is alive…helping me to discover the special energy that is God-given in me… allowing me in some way to serve others and myself in a way that gives respect and kindness.”

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