Terry Boyarsky

Performing Musician & Teaching Artist

Dividing Time / Dividing Space

Dividing Time / Dividing Space – a participatory Arts Integration workshop using music & movement to study increment, ratio & proportion

Learning through music and rhythmic movement draws on students’ kinesthetic intelligence, deepens understanding and retention. Joyful, energetic, collaborative activities are powerful motivators for learning. The purpose of this participatory workshop is to introduce ways of using music and movement to deepen students’ understanding of increment, ratio and proportion.
Goals of the Workshop
At the end of this workshop, you will know:
° How to work with circles and parts of circles.
° Ways to help students recognize clockwise and counter clockwise.
° How musical structure, form and note values relate to whole, half and quarter.
° The difference between increment, ratio and proportion.
At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
° Lead students in musical and rhythmic activates related to numbers and shapes.
° Create rhythms to analyze and use for studying math problems.
° Identify and facilitate elements of good listening and teamwork.
° Help students experience how spatial movement connects to written symbols.

 Here’s the handout:

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