Terry Boyarsky

Performing Musician & Teaching Artist

Grow Up Great – Playhouse Square

Music & Movement from other Lands

One of the most engaging activities for the young child is moving rhythmically.  One of the most essential expressions is to sing, preferable while in movement.  Performing folk dances, games, and songs from other cultures and times is like being an actor.  The dancer/singer has to take on certain physical characteristics – gesture, posture, attitude, tone of voice, facial expression, and “pretend” that he or she is another person in another world.  In this session we will learn songs, games, and dances from all over the world and understand how to teach them efficiently and appropriately to the young child.

Grow Up Great – Playhouse Square   

2012-2013 PNC Bank’s GROW UP GREAT in CLEVELAND 

A LEARNING COMMUNITY: ARTS INTEGRATION for Preschool Teachers – Grade level:  Preschool, ages 3-5

This course is a survey of techniques, materials and resources for using arts integration in teach curriculum to young children.  Course includes a selection of age-appropriate activities and supplies; creating the appropriate environment; integration with other subject areas; role of the teacher and alignment with Ohio Department of Education’s Content Standards for Pre-Kindergarten.

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