Terry Boyarsky

Performing Musician & Teaching Artist

Rhythms Abounding & Sounding

Programs developed during 18 years of working with the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning.  Click for program template and lesson plans.

Math in Motion – Terry uses a varied repertoire of music and movement in the fast-paced residency that teaches listening skills, problem solving, team work and kinesthetic awareness. Students estimate, measure and analyze musical patterns and forms through rhythmic games, body percussion ad song. They will use spatial reasoning to connect musical forms with geometric figures. Teachers will be amazed to see their class becoming engaged, challenged and motivated by working together to answer musical and mathematical questions.

Lively Language – Literature and Language Arts form the basis for this residency that also teaches students to follow directions, improvise, use their imaginations and play with phonemes and rhyme schemes. Students dramatize stories, sing songs, and dance while immersing themselves in the elements of literature. Terry combines proverbs and body percussion to show the rhythmic aspects of language. This residency will make language and story come alive for students. This program can be customized for the literature being used in your classroom.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration – (choose concert and/or workshop) – Discover teamwork in action. Experience how performers, composers and audiences work together. Oleg Kruglyakov, balalaika virtuoso, and Terry Boyarsky, masterful pianist, offer an introduction to Russian folk music through the balalaika, a traditional Russian 3-stringed instrument. Students will be captivated by exuberant music, energized by dynamic rhythms, moved by beautiful melodies. Learn how the balalaika came onto the concert stage from humble peasant origins in Old Russia. The audience becomes an essential part of the concert, collaborating on stage using Russian percussion instruments.

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