Terry Boyarsky

Performing Musician & Teaching Artist

Stop, Look, & Listen!

Stop Look, and Listen!  An Arts-Integrated Exploration of Maps Using Music and Movement 

The purpose of the workshop is to use elements of song, rhythm and movement to explore and enhance map-reading skills.


♦By the end of the workshop, teachers will

∗Understand the difference between locomotor and axial movement;

∗Be able to organize, lead and facilitate movement activities that allow students to experience the joy of exploring time, space and energy, and help them understand the relationship to the written, symbolic representation;

∗Know how to choose rhythms and music appropriate to curriculum;

∗Identify and facilitate elements of good listening and teamwork;

∗Help students understand the connection between movement in space and the symbolic drawing.

♦Learning through music and rhythmic movement draws on students’ kinesthetic intelligence, deepens understanding and retention. Joyful, energetic, collaborative activities are powerful motivators for learning.

Here’s the handout:  

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